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The Great Chrysanthemum

The Great Chrysanthemum

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A beautiful Light Brown Nail Lacquer mixed with multicolored Flakes and Foils with a soft golden undertone.

FUN FACT : The Great Chrysanthemum gets its name from the Chrysanthemum flowers, as the rich golden brown color of the diamond, seems to have a close resemblance to the color of these beautiful brown flowers.
The Great Chrysanthemum is perhaps the 5th largest faceted brown diamond and the 2nd largest pear-shaped brown diamond in the world.

Please Note : Product Images appear lighter during photoshoot, actual color may vary. Packaging of the polish bottles are recycled to avoid maximum wastage.


Please remember that colours can appear different on different computer screens. We do our best to ensure pictures are a match to the real thing but colours tend to vary depending on monitors. Please roll or shake the polish bottle extremely well before use. Some settling is normal, as is some separation of colour over time; all polish should be shaken frequently to prevent this. Polishes with a large amount of glitter may appear thick, this is normal.

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