Press Requests & Media Inquiries



Press Requests:

If you would like to be added to our press release list, please request to be added us via our contact form (see below).


Sample Requests:

If you are a blogger interested in sample opportunities, please fill out the contact form.  Please note, completing this form does not guarantee that samples will be sent, we currently have a waiting list for samples. Please see our selection criteria below, we look for blogs and media outlets that have/are:


-Drama free, professional, well written and on topic.


-Active and frequently post with new, author created material.


-Authors that can create timely material and showcase products shortly after receiving samples.


-Has a readership that is active, commenting, following links to site, sharing material.


-If applicable, swatches that are in focus, well lit, neat, and colour accurate. Hands that are taken care of and pictures that are close and focused on the polish.


-Live within India. We do not ship outside tIndia, no exceptions will be made.


-Not currently (or planning to) in business selling nail polish.


– Although not required, showing support of Là Roy through previous blog posts, purchases, guest blog posts, posting press releases, etc is a plus.


When completing the form, please provide your Name, Social Media Addresses, and stats.  Information on your skin tone, examples of other polish swatches/posts are also helpful. We do review all applications, but may not respond until we have slots available.

Feel Free to Reach Out - We Value Your Input & Suggestions